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The term ‘Unmesha’ representing the letter you and literary it means opening of the eye. From the point of shaiva yoga, it means the emergence of the spiritual consciousness which is the background of the rise of ideas. It’s the Iccha Shakti, the start of the world process.

The vision of Unmesha Research Institute of Indology is to facilitate research and promote the study of Indian Art, History and culture. This humanitarian work includes encouraging the Research work on palm-leaf, paper and other manuscripts pertaining to Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit and allied works on various branches of learning like Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Agamas, Shastras, Kavyas, Natakas, Medicine, Astronomy, Astrology, etc.

Unmesha Research Institute of Indology has been set up with a view to make a meeting ground for the thinkers to open up new channels of world - saving thoughts. The Centre aims to develop individual and institutional research projects on different subjects within Manuscript and Print. Unmesha Research Institute of Indology like to stands to bringing up an ideal Reference Library and a Research Institute for scholars to benefit for generations to come.

The Centre works to create networks between Higher Education Institutions, libraries and museums that help identify, secure and catalogue the primary research materials of the subject area. It also aims to developing scholarly training programs for research students in Sanskrit and other Indian Language and Literature.

The Centre benefits from the Institute of Sanskrit Studies Visiting Fellowship programme, which encourages the affiliation of scholars from non-member institutions. While contributing to the infrastructure and research needs of an interdisciplinary academic community, the Centre also aims to make its work available to the general public, through the provision of public lectures and seminars, short courses, summer schools and distance learning courses, exhibitions, events and broadcast programs.

Unmesha Research Institute of Indology like to starts and including the annual Palaeography Lecture and, including the annual and the Sanskrit Rare Books School.

About Sri Kundur Math

Veera Shaiva religion has been cited as authority on many of the important philosophical discussion as well as on religious rites by some of the earliest systematicians of the Śaivasidhānta tradition ninth century onward.

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