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Poornavedapuri Dharma Rakshavedi

Gopalabhavan, near thamaramkulangara temple, north fort gate, tripunithura, pin. 682301.

Poornavedapuri Dharma Rakshavedi is a registered trust which aims to spread the knowledge and power of Sanathana Dharma. This can be achieved only by conducting sanathana dharma related classes, yagas, train appropriate individuals to be trainers, researches, classes for kids etc.

Poornavedapuri Dharma Rakshavedi is also aiming at publishing books which will help the society to know and learn more about Sanathana Dharma. It also aims at doing “Padayatras” by supporting some major institutions in India to discover the history of many temples and religious places which is not known or hidden due to many reasons.

Before it turned out to a trust, PDR conducted “TrirakshaYaga” at tripunithura, Ernakulam district which became a grand success. This yaga was the outcome of several months’ effort and innumerous meetings with renowned “thanthris” in kerala to plan the “kriyas/Pooja” depending on the existing situation of the particular place. The yaga was completed in 3 days in which Vanchakalpalata-Mahaganapathihomam, Sukrithahomam, Matangipooja, Sarppabali, Dashadravyamahamrityunjayahomam, Valiabagavatipooja, Dwadashanamapooja, Srichakrapooja and Mahaguruti was included.

Sri Vidyadhiraja Gurukulasramam Trust

kannirrukaraPO ,Ayroor in the South Pathanamthitta (District), 689611
Mobile:+919947107211 (Harikrishnan)
Website : http://gurukulasramam.org

Sri VidyadhirajaGurukulasramam trust was established by the disciples and followers of sriVidyadhirajaChattampiswamikal to propagate the ideas and spiritual messages of Sanatana dharma.

The trust was formed to continue the activities initiated by SreeTheerthapadaParamahamsaswamikal, who was the disciple of Chattambiswamikal. TheerthapadaParamahamsa had established an ashram a hundred years ago on the banks of pampa river at Ayiroor south, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala where the current ashram and trust are located.

The trust follows the path of TheerthapadaSampradayaestablished by Sri chattambiswamikal. TheerthapadaSampradayais a blend of advaiticphislophy of Adishankaracharya and Shaiva siddhanta of south India.

The main ideals of the trust is to create spiritual and materialistic dharma in individuals, to conduct satsangs, Classes on Indian knowledge system like Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Sanskrit language etc. Trust is also intended to create space for common people for their spiritual development. The trust Is also engaged in publishing books, related to various subjects in Indian knowledge tradition. Trust also conducts regular classes on Adishankaracharyabhashyas, on Upanishads, Gita and Brahmasutra. Trust members are also engaged in literary activities, speeches, conducting classes etc. President of TheerthapadaAsram is the Acharya and patron of the trust.

Vaikhari Research Foundation,

Mobile: +918606335299 (Sukesh )
Website : http://www.vaikhari.org

Vaikhari Research Foundation, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, India has been founded on 18th December 2015 as a Public Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 282/15) with an object of establishing Educational Institutions, Cultural and Social Welfare Organization, Research Publications for the extension of benefits thereof to all irrespective of cast, creed, community, religion or sex.

Vaikhari Research Foundation has been founded by a group of young researchers and writers from diverse academic backgrounds like Engineering, Management, Physics, Tourism, Philosophy, Art, Manuscriptology, Ayurveda, Architecture and Literature. The team with their whole hearted dedication and hard work; tries to unite the various knowledge aspects related with different disciplines for the advantage of humanity. The Foundation aims to carry out research studies which lead to publication of the same either in digital format or printed format.

Our Vision
Unifying, documenting and propagating, vivid knowledge traits allied with sundry disciplines for the holistic progression of society.

Our Mission
To conduct research in an interdisciplinary modus, integrating heritage, art, literature, management, engineering and similar focuses. We also serve as an independent publishing consortium, which undertakes works that come under our arena, along with our own research outputs.

Gurukripa Research in Ayurveda & Centre of Excellence (GRACE),

Peringode,Palakkad (Dist),Kerala,PIN-679535.
Mobile: +919496351984
Website : http://www.vaikhari.org

Ayurveda - the great Indian system of medicine literally means the science of life. Rather than being just a system to heal the ailments, Ayurveda teaches the mankind how to live their life in the proper and a healthy way. In the present century, where the other systems of medicines fail to counter their own infinite side effects; Ayurveda stands proud being a system that gives only benefits to the body with out any side effects.

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About Sri Kundur Math

Veera Shaiva religion has been cited as authority on many of the important philosophical discussion as well as on religious rites by some of the earliest systematicians of the Śaivasidhānta tradition ninth century onward.

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