we enjoy providing Manuscript (Palm leaf, Paper etc.) Transcription services from old script like Grantha, Malayalam, NandiNagari, Sharada, Tigalari, Kannada, Telugu etc to Research Students, Scholars and writers. We understand the importance of providing an accurate Transcription to scholars and research students, while maintaining a cost effective transcription service. Our team can transcribe a wide range of digital recordings including the most popular formats of JPEG, TIFF and RAW images.

Digitization of Manuscripts

Our aim is to preserve our rare manuscripts and texts in multiple digital formats, and make them accessible for study and research. Our team is treating the digitization process as one of the data collection, which our forefather has given to us. Our goal is to capture them digitally and provide a multi text digital library service to the Research scholars. The mission is to recover and preserve the treasure of knowledge we are getting in old manuscripts (paper, Palm Leaf etc.) and make them accessible for study and research.

Descriptive cataloguing

Lakhs of manuscripts are scattered all over India. Till time we have not a standard Descriptive catalogue of these manuscripts in subjective level. Our mission is to locate manuscripts and document each and every manuscript in subjective level.

Critical Editing

Critical Editing of Manuscripts is an important part of research. When submitting manuscripts for publication, researchers expect the manuscripts to be presented in a specific format and accurate.We can work together from your handwritten work, your scanned or rough typed draft. We also offering the service of transcribing the old script from manuscripts, in fact, it is our specialty. This is a very attractive option for those researchers and Ph.D. students who prefer to work in Critical Editing in urgent deadlines.

About Sri Kundur Math

Veera Shaiva religion has been cited as authority on many of the important philosophical discussion as well as on religious rites by some of the earliest systematicians of the Śaivasidhānta tradition ninth century onward.

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