Sri Kundur Math :

Veera Shaiva religion has been cited as authority on many of the important philosophical discussion as well as on religious rites by some of the earliest systematicians of the Śaivasidhānta tradition ninth century onward.Veerashaivism is being practiced by crores of People all over the India.

Sri Kundurmath is an independent nonprofit trust dedicated to the study and preservation of the ancient spiritual wisdom of India. Main objectives of this trust is establish, promote, run the library, the hostel with boarding facilities economically poor students of the Virasaiva Religion.

Sri Kundurmath has a separate hostel section for undergraduate and post graduate course students under the management of Sri Kundurmath Trust. This trust is headed by its Chairperson. The faculty of Unmesha Resarch Institute of Indology is the administrator of the day to day aspects of the hostel management. Management of the hostels is coordinated by the hostel Warden.

The hostel provides the students with an atmosphere much like a home away from home. All the hostels of the trust are divided into three campuses. Under Graduate, Academic Building and Kundurmath official building. 160 students each year get hostel facility and each student is accommodated in a room on a sharing basis.Hostel has its own mess which is managed and run by the trust itself. Keeping in mind the different tastes of the students, the mess caters them with healthy and tasty food.

Hostel Manager : Pradeep Kumar.C
Mobile :+919886793289
Hostel warden : Mahesh Kumar
Mobile :+917760869901